We look forward to meeting you and to help you become familiar with the Danish way of life.

We hope that you will have a rewarding stay in Denmark.

Information is Key

Giving you access to valid specific information is key when relocating.

You base your decisions on the information that you have.

Behind the login you will find what you need to know.

Available in your hand 24/7.

We recommend

  • Take 15 min to go over the topics of the app to see what is available for later – when you need it
  • Use search a lot
  • Ask us, if something is missing

All the best wishes


Rikke Schäfer, June Persson & Charlotte Rønne Krøigaard

Let us know what is missing

Information is moving fast.

Most people use search engines daily.

We can never compete with that.

The information here is targeted for foreigners moving to Denmark and based in our extensive experience of what you need to be able to look up any time and what you keep coming back to.

If you have ideas for new content, please let us know.


Rikke Schäfer, June Persson & Charlotte Rønne Krøjgaard